Winners List

Year Company Division Business content
2023 IRIS OHYAMA Inc. -- Planning, manufacturing, and sales of housewares
2023 JINUSHI Co., Ltd. -- Provides tenants with long-term fixed-term land lease agreements
2023 BizReach, Inc. -- A recruiting platform in Japan
2023 Unicharm Corporation -- Manufactures disposal diapers, feminine hygiene products, wet wipes
2022 Accenture Japan Ltd. -- A management consulting firm
2022 SHIFT Inc. -- Software quality assurance and testing
2022 Tokyo Electron Ltd. -- Semiconductor and flat panel display production equipment
2022 Renesas Electronics Corporation -- Microcontrollers, integrated chips and sensors
2021 Cainz Corporation -- Home center
2021 JINS HOLDINGS Inc. -- Eyewear retail business
2021 Kurashicom Inc. -- Communicating and transacting directly with users online
2020 TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation Marugame Seimen Business Unit (Marugame Seimen, Inc.) Restaurant chain store management (mainly udon business)
2020 Milbon Co., Ltd. -- Manufactures and sells professional Hair Care
2020 YOHO Brewing Company -- Beer Industry
2020 Rakuten Bank, Ltd. -- Online Banking Industry
2019 ELECOM CO., LTD. -- Supplier of PC and mobile phone peripherals, I/O devices and accessories
2019 UT Group Co. Manufacturing Division (UT Aim Co., Ltd.) Dispatches workers with specialized skills to factories; provides manufacturing outsourcing services
2019 en-japan inc. the Job Advertisement Department Online recruitment services
2019 Workman Co., Ltd. -- Operates a specialty retail franchise that sells workman's clothes, gear, etc.
2018 HOKEN NO MADOGUCHI GROUP INC. -- Insurance agent
2018 MonotaRO Co., Ltd. -- E-commerce retailer of indirect materials
2018 RIZAP GROUP Inc. Body Making Business Private physical training studios
2018 Trusco Nakayama Corporation -- Wholesaler of indirect materials
2017 KATITAS CO., LTD. -- Rehabilitation and resale of pre-owned houses
2017 Net Protections, Inc. -- Deferred payment service
2017 Pro-Ship Incorporated -- Development and sales of packaged software for fixed assets management
2017 QB Net Holdings Co., Ltd. -- Haircut service
2016 MAEDA KOSEN CO., LTD. Infrastructure Business Manufacturing and sales of civil engineering construction materials, disaster prevention materials
2016 Marui Group Co., Ltd. Card Business Credit card business
2016 Open House Co., Ltd. Single-Family Homes Division Manufacturing and sales of single-family homes
2016 Pigeon Corporation Baby and Mother Care Products Business Manufacturing and sales of baby and mother care products
2015 IBJ, Inc. -- Marriage-support services
2015 Kaneka Corporation Kanekalon Division Synthetic fibers for hair accessories
2015 Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd. -- Manufacturing, wholesale and retail of craft goods
2015 Shinsei Principal Investments Ltd. -- Investment bank for small- and medium-sized companies
2014 YKK CORPORATION Fastening Products Group Fastener manufacturer and distributor
2014 Hoshino Resorts -- Hotel management
2014 START TODAY CO., LTD. -- Online fashion shopping mall ZOZOTOWN
2014 istyle Inc. -- Cosmetic product comparison site @cosme
2013 ITO EN, LTD. -- Tea leaf and beverage manufacturer and distributor
2013, Inc. Business Unit Prices comparison site
2013 Mitsubishi Corp. - UBS Realty Inc. Industrial Division, Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation Real Estate Investment Trust/REIT Management
2013 UNITED ARROWS LTD. -- Apparel Retailer
2012 Ajinomoto Fine-Techno Electronic Materials Division Electronic materials
2012 Credit Saison Credit Card business Credit card services
2012 Tokyo Itoi Shigesato Office -- Online magazine and merchandise sales
2012 Recruit Lifestyle Travel Information Division, Jalan net Online hotel reservations
2011 Komatsu Construction, Mining and Utility Equipment Division Earth-moving equipment
2011 Mitsubishi Rayon MMA Business Complex Chemical products
2011 Plan-Do-See Bridal Services Business Unit Wedding services
2011 Star Mica Pre-owned Condominium Division Real estate
2010 Kirin Brewery -- Alcoholic beverages
2010 Gourmet Navigator -- Internet-based information and service provider
2010 Terumo Corporation Interventional Systems Business of Cardiac & Vascular Products Group Electronic materials
2009 Property Data Bank, Inc. -- Software
2009 POINT, Inc. -- Apparel Retailer
2009 Park Corporation Aoyama Flower Market Flower Retailer
2009 Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. UNIQLO Apparel Retailer
2008 Oisix Inc. -- Online grocery store
2008 Tokaibane Mfg. Co., Ltd. -- Spring manufacturer
2008 Mani, Inc. -- Medical tool manufacturer
2007 Kaihara Corporation -- Denim Textile Manufacturing
2007 Maruho Co., Ltd. -- Pharmaceutical
2007 Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. -- Private Branded Product Retail
2006 Gulliver International Co., Ltd. -- Used car sales business
2006 Bookoff Corporation Limited -- Used book store chain
2006 NIDEC Corporation Precision Small Motor Division Manufacturing of motors
2005 Taiyo Yakuhin Co., Ltd. -- Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - Generics
2005 BANDAI Co., Ltd. -- Toys and Games Manufacturing
2005 Benesse Corporation Education Business Group, Education
2005 HORIBA, Ltd. Engine Measurement Systems Division Measuring and Analyzing Equipment
2004 Daido Life Insurance Company -- Life Insurance
2004 Phoenix Electric -- Electric Light Bulb and Tube Manufacturing
2003 Suruga Bank Ltd. -- Regional bank
2003 Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. -- Convenience store
2003 Trend Micro Incorporated -- Anti-virus software services
2003 Shimano Inc. Bicycle Components Division Development, manufacturing and sales of bicycle parts and
2002 ASKUL Corporation -- Mail Order of General Merchandise
2002 Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd. -- Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
2002 ORIX Corporation Corporate Finance Section General Finance
2001 MABUCHI MOTOR CO., LTD. -- Development, manufacturing and sales of micro motors
2001 Matsui Securities Co., Ltd. -- Securities business
2001 Canon, Inc. -- Development, manufacturing and sales of lens units
2001 HOYA Corporation Vision Care Company Development, manufacturing and sales of eyeglass lenses


HItotsubashi ICS
Hitotsubashi University


Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley