Winners / Selection Rationale

2006 6th Porter Prize Winner

Gulliver International Co., Ltd.

Shifting the focus in the used-car sales business from sales to purchasing, thereby developing a new strategy that ensures a high level of customer satisfaction by offering a high purchase price for trade-ins and transparent pricing, while simultaneously achieving high profitability for the company.

Bookoff Corporation Limited

Creation of an innovative strategy for developing the second-hand book market for “ordinary books,” supported by a totally new method for setting the purchase price that is not based on the contents of a book but on its appearance, simplified store operations that involves the management of inventory through the use of colored labels, and a personnel management system to motivate and enhance the performance of part-time staff.

NIDEC Corporation

Specialization in brushless DC motors, and achieving an overwhelming share of the global market through innovations, flexibility in responding to customer needs in design and manufacturing, and active new customer development.