Winners / Selection Rationale

2016 16th Porter Prize Winner


MAEDA KOSEN (hereafter, Maeda Kosen), a leader in the civil engineering construction materials industry, introduced synthetic fibers to a market in which steel and concrete were the materials predominantly used. Leveraging its superior technology and its broad product line-up, Maeda Kosen responds to requests for consultations from project owners, contractors and construction consultants. In addition, the company proposes solutions to the various stakeholders of construction projects. Also, Maeda Kosen provides after-sales service through its nationwide sales network.

Marui Group Co., Ltd.

Marui manages its Credit Card Services business under a unique business model, merging retailing and credit card operations. This approach, which encompasses both operations, has enabled the creation of a simple, stress-free card application and issuance process. Under its policy to “build creditability together with customers,” Marui Group has developed a strong base of young customers (predominantly in their 20s and 30s), who are more likely than older cardholders to use revolving credit and installment payments.

Open House Co., Ltd.

“Let’s find a house in Tokyo” is the motto of Open House. The company focuses on the Tokyo area, and specializes in reasonably priced single-family homes for first-time homebuyers. Open House has created highly efficient operations, undertaking everything from land acquisition to the design and sale of new single- family homes.

Pigeon Corporation

Pigeon focuses on products for infants from 0 to 18 months of age, who have the same needs across the globe. With the value proposition of promoting breastfeeding, Pigeon has built trust with mothers and has captured a dominant market share in nursing bottles and silicone nipples.