Winners / Selection Rationale

2012 12th Porter Prize Winner

Ajinomoto Fine-Techno

Ajinomoto Fine-Techno, Electronic Materials Division is clearly focused on a product area in which it can achieve differentiation through technology leadership. It complements this focus strategy with an open innovation strategy. It is unique, however, in its development of a tight network encompassing various players in Japan’s packaged printed circuit board industry and global CPU manufacturers. AFT maintains the position of global leadership in an extremely competitive market.

Credit Saison

Redefined the credit card service as a daily financial service to support shoppers, instead of being just a status symbol.

Tokyo Itoi Shigesato Office

Focus on creating contents and value around “the enjoyment of everyday life.” High profitability is considered a result, rather than the main objective.

Recruit Lifestyle

Creating more and happier matches between travelers and hotels through online hotel reservation site, Jalan net.