Winners / Selection Rationale

2014 14th Porter Prize Winner


The global leader in the fastening industry with a unique value chain.

Hoshino Resorts

Hoshino Resorts focuses on the operation of resort hotels. By not taking actual ownership of these facilities, Hoshino Resorts has been able to rapidly increase the number hotels operating under the Hoshino master brand. It attracts customers by offering unique services, leveraging the distinctive features of each locale, and has successfully established Hoshino Resorts as a master brand known for its high service quality. At the same time, Hoshino Resorts improves labor productivity through the equalization of tasks and by rapidly allocating tasks throughout the day to multitasking-practices that contribute to job enrichment for the staff and improved service quality.


Pioneered the outline sale of fashionable apparel in Japan. Created benefits for both apparel brands and fashion-loving consumers through the operation of shopping mall-style websites that do not destroy brand appeal.

istyle Inc.

istyle Inc. has succeeded in creating an efficient market for cosmetics, which is quite an achievement considering that larger companies have always had an advantage because of their ability to leverage economies of scale. istyle has now opened up the market to relatively unknown cosmetic brands, while simultaneously providing consumer reviews on a broader range of products. Through all its various business formats, istyle gives consumers the opportunity to enjoy a better selection of products and more extensive product knowledge.