Winners / Selection Rationale

2005 5th Porter Prize Winner

Taiyo Yakuhin Co., Ltd.

Specialization in generic pharmaceuticals, and building a unique business system to provide a broad range of products at low prices.
Taiyo Pharmaceutical Industry is the leader in sales among Japan’s top three generic drug companies. However, its profitability far exceeds that of competitors.

BANDAI Co., Ltd.

Creation of a unique positioning as “character merchandiser” that perfectly synchronizes with TV programs, and achieving stable profit in the highly volatile character business.

Benesse Corporation

Educational support not only in preparation for entrance examinations but also in everyday study at home for children and students in a broad age range from 6 months old to high school seniors, achieving high customer satisfaction via individually-tailored correspondence course services while offering reasonable prices. As a result, Benesse has gained remarkable customer support.


Developing and manufacturing the most appropriate system equipment by specializing in engine performance measurement. As a result, the company succeeded in creating a high value-added business covering both measurement equipment and a wide range of laboratory systems.