Winners / Selection Rationale

2015 15th Porter Prize Winner

IBJ, Inc.

IBJ, Inc., provides comprehensive marriage-hunting services, ranging from casual activities like matchmaking get-togethers and an online “Kon-Katsu” (marriage-hunting) business to a high-involvement (face-to-face) marriage consulting agency. With the industry’s broadest range of marriage support services and a high customer retention rate (the result of seamless service provided by the company’s various matchmaking services and its marriage consulting agency), IBJ is able to achieve a high marriage rate among its customers.※

Kaneka Corporation

Developed and upgraded the hair accessary product market for women in Africa. Helped to develop more value-added activities at every stage of the industry value chain ─ encompassing the hair accessary product manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and beauty salons ─ so that they can all benefit from the development of the market.

Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd.

First company to apply SPA business model to Japan’s traditional crafts industry.

Shinsei Principal Investments Ltd.

An investment bank that focuses on small- and medium-sized enterprises in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Provides financial services that range from venture capital investment to asset restructuring. Services are tailored to meet each SME client’s specific needs, which vary widely depending on the life cycle stage.